Who doesn’t care about security for his mobile application? Almost everyone. We have numerous kind of private stuff stored in our applications which should be protected. For that security purpose Flutter is reliable and I’ll going to elaborate that why is that so.


The first advantage of Flutter associated with security measure is that, For example you handed over your mobile phone to someone and he opened it and goes to recent used applications in the task switcher or by smaller window. Now if you were using Banking application a few minutes ago so that person might screen shot your private info related to your credit/debit card number or password. But Using Flutter security layer you can add secure Flag and nobody won’t be able to Screen shot any data in that app. Now whenever you go to that application from task switcher, it will show a blank screen. This security layer is applicable for Android as well as iOS.


How would you know that the person using application is authentic? How would you judge that your app info is safe with that user? Unauthorized access to the app is the key security threat for many applications. The best thing one can do is to use Google sign in along with Firebase auth in flutter app. This is the added layer where the user is registered to your firebase console before in to your app. Furthermore, there’s a mechanism called OAuth2 tokenization which you implement when you want to use your own authentication mechanism.


Code Injection occurs when an application evaluates code without validating it first. It is an ability of an attacker to execute malicious code in order to breach data security or private properties. Developers can easily increase the security of the Flutters apps as all the plug ins come up with the required permissions that are already baked into the plug in code.


Your mobile contains all the sensitive data regarding your passwords, account IDs, private info etc. It is therefore needed to be saved from any untrustworthy one. For the security purpose, Flutter provides ‘Shared preferences’ for android and ‘NS user Default’ for iOS as the secure data storage room. For the protection purpose, Flutter render another service that is while using the flutter based app you can access the information to set up a timer for regular clean-ups of the cache with the permission of the user.


Flutter has an edge over other cross platform framework due to its higher productivity. It has strengthened security and integrates appropriate plugins. Failing to app security can impose negative impact on users or companies, to avoid such harmful consequences, it is worthy to collaborate with Flutter web development.




I'm a flutter developer, having active working experience of more than 2 years developing mobile apps.

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Muhammad Ibrahim

Muhammad Ibrahim

I'm a flutter developer, having active working experience of more than 2 years developing mobile apps.

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